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Benefits of in-home energy assessments

Key facts from the US Department of Energy on home energy assessments:

  • A home energy audit is the first step to saving energy and money.
  • It helps you learn how you use energy, determine where it’s being wasted and prioritize your efficiency upgrades.
  • Making energy efficiency upgrades identified in a home energy audit can save you 5-30 percent on your monthly energy bill.

Remember, the home energy audit is only the first step to cutting your energy bills. Making the recommended energy efficiency upgrades is what leads to energy savings.

Source: US Department of Energy

Most Massachusetts residents are eligible for no-cost in-home energy assessments through utility-sponsored programs.  Request your free thermal image report and no-cost energy assessment at  For more information or assistance call Sagewell at (617) 963-8141.


Energy Challenge 2013

Sagewell invites Massachusetts residents and communities to participate in the Energy Challenge 2013!

The top five communities in Massachusetts with the greatest number of completed in-home energy assessments by 11/1/13 will receive free thermal imaging from Sagewell next winter!  Sagewell will drive through winning communities with thermal sensors to help local residents identify where heat may be leaking from their homes.  Sagewell has already driven through 35
communities in Massachusetts to help residents improve their energy efficiency and invites Massachusetts residents and communities to enter the Sagewell Energy Challenge 2013.

Most residents qualify for no-cost utility-sponsored in-home energy assessments.  These in-home assessments are designed to review your home from the inside out and provide recommendations to reduce energy use.  Sagewell’s thermal imaging complements an in-home assessment by looking at heat loss for your home from the outside in.

How to Enter:

  1. Go to (http://www NULL.sagewell and enter your address to request your thermal image report and in-home energy assessment.  After requesting your thermal image report and in-home energy assessment you will be contacted by your local utility-sponsored assessment program to schedule a no-cost in-home energy assessment.
  2. Schedule your in-home energy assessment by 11/1/13.
  3. Encourage your friends and neighbors to enter!

How It Works:

Next winter Sagewell will provide free thermal imaging to the top five communities with the most completed energy assessments by 11/1/13.  Each completed energy assessment will count as one entry for the Driving Energy Efficiency Challenge.

Sagewell will drive through winning communities next winter.  Sagewell conducts thermal imaging in winter months overnight by driving through local streets at normal speeds.  After imaging Sagewell processes images and emails owners who have previously requested their thermal image reports.

Rules and Requirements:

Most residents living in single family or 2 – 4 unit residences in communities with utility-sponsored energy assessment programs are eligible for no-cost energy assessment.  Sagewell also offers premium energy assessments for residents that are not eligible for no-cost utility-sponsored assessments.  Premium assessments also count as entries.

Each energy assessment requested through Sagewell and completed by 11/1/13 will count as one entry for imaging that community.  Renters and owners are allowed to request assessments and earn entries – however, Sagewell only provides thermal image reports to building owners.