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Losing heat from your home? Images may have solution

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This thermal image of a house shows three opportunities for improvement: adding attic insulation, sealing to stop air leaks and windows that are warmer than expected. (Submitted photo)

 Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2012 12:00 am

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NORTH ATTLEBORO – Ever wonder whether drafty windows and doors are allowing heat to seep out of your home?

Residents can now find out by checking out images that show just how much heat is escaping from doors, windows and walls, thanks to a company that took thermal images of more than 5,000 local homes this winter. Continue reading

Thermal imaging company coming to Chelmsford

Chelmsford —Sagewell, a local Massachusetts energy efficiency company, will be starting a program in Chelmsford to help residents obtain energy efficiency savings. Sagewell will measure home and business heat losses by collecting thermal images. They will drive through Chelmsford with a hybrid vehicle equipped with energy auditing thermal cameras. Once the heat loss measurements are done, every building owner whose property has been analyzed will be able to view the thermal images of their property and an analysis report at (http://www NULL.sagewell   Continue reading

The Great Acton Energy Challenge – 400 signups by March 15

  Every house leaks energy. But where, and how much? That’s your money radiating away from your home. Green Acton (http://greenacton, the Town of Acton andAB PIP STEM (http://abpip have teamed up with Sagewell, Inc. to offer a FREE Thermal Imaging and Energy Analysis to Acton homeowners, and access to ways to fix those leaks.

But it will only happen if 400 households sign up by March 15 – please consider signing up now at (http://sagewell

Sagewell is a local Massachusetts energy efficiency company that measures heat loss by collecting thermal images. According to the Department of Energy, Continue reading