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Glendale Water and Power BYOC Press Release


JEA and Sagewell, Inc. Charging Rebate Off to Fast Start!

The Basics of EV Charging Behavior Statistics

Energy Articles We're Talking About Right Now

Is Investing in Public Charging the Right Strategy?

Bring Your Own Charger® Program Enrolls 500 EVs in Massachusetts

Electrification through heat pumps in Biden infrastructure plan

Big EV opportunities for utilities in Biden infrastructure plan

Could Heat Pumps be a solution to the Texas grid failure?

Utility Margins Are Key to Electrification

The end of hardware-based EV programs?

Is significant growth for Energy Efficiency programs possible in the era of Covid-19?

DTE Energy and Sagewell launch 1,000 vehicle BYOC program!

Driving with electric “fuel” saves money nationwide

Are EV rebates a good investment?

Residential EV load - a potential risk to transformers?

AMI meter data analytics landscape is changing the utility business

SEPA Highlights BYOC in recent EV charging report

Using EV load management to boost customer satisfaction

Energy Efficiency shouldn't be a "bad word"

Sagewell featured in Electrification issue of Public Power Magazine

What is 'Load Growth Consulting'?

Sagewell partners with Hometown Connections

We've been busy!

The smart utility growth multiplier

Evaluate programs before launching them

DC Fast Charging - the right choice for your utility?

The future of EV load management is already here

Using AMI analytics for Advanced EM&V

Does your EV program have a blindspot?

Smart meter analytics for a smart grid

Massachusetts public power leads the way in EV load control

Residential load shapes: AMI analysis breaks the mold

EV detection using AMI meter data

3 common AMI meter data issues

EV load management at homes with solar

Carts before horses: are public chargers right for EV adoption?

Sagewell named 2017 NEPPA Outstanding Affiliate Member

Sagewell receives state grant for energy peak load reduction programs

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