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Cambridge, MA (June 2, 2021) – Sagewell’s electric vehicle load management program has enrolled more than 500 vehicles in Massachusetts public power utility territories! 

The award-winning Bring Your Own Charger® (BYOC) program incentivizes EV owners to charge their vehicles during off-peak hours. Sagewell's machine learning algorithms verify EV owner off-peak charging compliance by analyzing utility meter data daily. No special peak load control hardware or separate meters are required, which creates savings for utilities and their customers. The BYOC incentive program has demonstrated the ability to shift over 95% of EV charging sessions to overnight hours. The American Public Power Association awarded the BYOC program the Energy Innovator award in 2018. 

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On average, the participating Massachusetts municipal utilities have a 60% EV owner enrollment rate. If the program were implemented comprehensively in Massachusetts, it would be equivalent to enrolling 20,000 EVs statewide. Over 50% of the BYOC program participants have EVs capable of charging at over 10 KW, thus enabling the program to shift significantly more peak load than a typical EV peak load reduction program. Having more than 500 cars enrolled means that nearly 1 MW of coincident system peak load is being shifted to overnight hours, reducing capacity and transmission costs and the strain on the electricity distribution infrastructure. Without BYOC, these EVs would have doubled the average coincident peak load of a home in Massachusetts.

Pasi Miettinen, CEO of Sagewell, said “Public power utilities have been great partners in delivering innovative peak load reduction programs.” Mr. Miettinen added, “It takes only 7 minutes for a new customer to enroll in the BYOC program, and since it does not require any special hardware, it makes it easy for the BYOC program to scale as EV adoption grows nationwide.”

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