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Recent articles about the energy and utility industry share a theme of growth and opportunity. Learn how legislation and investment are accelerating EV adoption at this very moment.

Industry Growth

1. Advanced Energy Economy: Investment in Transportation Electrification Could Have Trillion-Dollar Impact on U.S. Economy.

This AEE analysis demonstrates how investment in electrification of our nation’s transportation would have a significant ROI for utilities and the economy as a whole.

2. Utility Dive: White House agrees to bipartisan infrastructure deal with $73B in power grid spending. 

A bipartisan group of senators finally agreed to a framework for the nation’s infrastructure investment. While a scaled-down version of the Biden administration’s initial proposal, this agreement still provides a large amount of funding for EVs.

3. American Public Power Association: Policy actions on EVs rose quarter to quarter, report says. 

States continue to roll out EV programs and pass EV bills, with 48 states taking action in the first quarter of 2021. As EV sales break records this year, we should expect more legislative action in Q3 and Q4.

4. Government Technology: AV Transit Projects Are Evolving to Full-Scale Deployments. 

Not all transportation needs drivers! Autonomous electric public transportation is coming to cities like Jacksonville, FL and Columbus, OH. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is currently investing $44 million in procuring an AV fleet.

5. Environment + Energy Leader: Confidence Among Renewable Energy Investors at an All-Time High: Report. 

A new ACORE analysis reveals that both financial institutions and renewable energy development companies are more confident than ever about the future of the renewable energy sector. As renewable penetration grows, utilities may need to be more proactive about shaping demand.

6. Utility Dive: Oregon leaps past California and Washington as legislators pass bill to decarbonize power grid by 2040.

Amidst an historic heatwave, Oregon legislators have passed one of the most aggressive decarbonization plans in the nation, and state utilities say the plan is both possible and beneficial for customers. The Northwest already has some of the lowest carbon power in the nation, and electrification will drive total carbon emissions down even faster.


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