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JEA recently launched an EV marketing and load management program called JEA Drive Electric. While the marketing and customer education portions launched this summer, the Charging Rebate program launched on 10/1– and more than 5% of JEA's EV drivers applied in the first four days! This is a faster growth rate than we've seen in any EV load management program! The Charging Rebate pays a monthly incentive (worth 2,400 miles of free all-electric driving each year) for EV Drivers that schedule their car to charge during off-peak hours.

Read the press release below:


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Jacksonville, FL (October 1, 2021) – JEA has partnered with Sagewell, Inc. to launch JEA Drive Electric, a first-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle (EV) education, marketing, and peak load reduction program.

JEA Drive Electric is designed to encourage EV adoption and incentivize drivers who charge their EVs during times of lower electric demand. The marketing program is built around Sagewell’s EV Expert service, a concierge service that will educate customers about EVs and connect them with local dealerships and home charger installers. JEA Drive Electric will work with dealers and manufacturers to secure and publish EV purchase and lease discounts. Sagewell and JEA are also working to increase the reach of EV drivership by coordinating with local organizations to reach new communities and lower barriers to EV ownership for all JEA customers.

The program will seek to enroll 1,000 drivers in an EV Charging Rebate program, JEA’s version of Sagewell’s award-winning Bring Your Own Charger® (BYOC) load management program. Participants will program their vehicles to charge during off-peak hours, and software algorithms developed by Sagewell will confirm off-peak charging compliance from regular household smart meters. The American Public Power Association awarded the BYOC program the Energy Innovator award in 2018, and BYOC was named the Electrification Power Player of 2021 by the Smart Electric Power Alliance.

Off-peak EV charging increases utility efficiency by shifting the EV charging load to traditionally lower-use periods. Communities that have adopted the BYOC program have seen participants move over 90 percent of their charging to off-peak hours, efficiently integrating EV load with the distribution system and reducing the need for costly utility upgrades.

“We are excited to offer a new way to expand adoption of electric vehicles and make good use of our investments in Advanced Metering Infrastructure,” said Vicki Nichols, JEA director of customer solutions and market development. “By lowering the barriers to EV ownership, we hope to see more and more of Northeast Florida driving electric, making us a regional leader in carbon reductions and customer satisfaction.”

Sagewell CEO Pasi Miettinen said, “JEA’s decision to launch a full-service EV program that combines education, marketing, and load management under one roof should be praised. Few utilities are taking proactive steps to not only increase EV adoption but also shift load overnight, but most importantly JEA is thinking boldly with its attempt to address inequalities in EV adoption.”

For more information about JEA Drive Electric, visit

About JEA

JEA is a not-for-profit, community-owned utility located in Jacksonville, Florida, proudly serving an estimated 478,000 electric, 357,000 water, 279,000 sewer and 15,000 reclaimed water customers. JEA is not owned by investors. It was created by the City of Jacksonville to serve those who live in Jacksonville and in the surrounding communities. The sole purpose of JEA’s business is to ensure the electric, water and sewer demands of its customers are met, both today and for generations to come with the goal to provide reliable services at the best value to our customers while ensuring our areas’ precious natural resources are protected.

About Sagewell, Inc.

JEA's partner, Sagewell, Inc., has provided energy data analytics, demand side programs, and consulting services to utilities for over ten years. Sagewell’s Electrification Expert programs are designed to educate customers about heat pumps and electric vehicles, and will help guide customers throughout the purchase process. The Electrification Expert leverages Sagewell's SageSightSM AMI meter data analytics software and SageScoreSM customer segmentation and targeting methodology to deliver better electrification outcomes without large utility rebates.


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